Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Birthday's, Moving, Vacation....

I really don't know how are where I need to began sooooo....here goes! June 1st was the kids last day of school. I knew that Jay'La birthday was coming at the end of the month and that we where going to be relocating a few weeks after that to VA. So instead of waiting until July to meet up with my husband, the kids and I left the next week after school was released for the summer and headed to Florida. We spent 3 lovely weeks swimming, going to the beach, bowling, and etc...It was great! The tropical storm that hit did not effect us one bit.;-) The fun had to come to a end for us as a family when we had to head back to Texas. But...we made a stop to see my lovely in-laws.
When we arrived in Alabama to see my in-laws and so that Michael could see his parents, they had made a cake for Jay'La. My sister in-law is awesome....THANKS LISA! Jay was so surprised. The next morning came and off we went to Dallas.

Once we arrived in Dallas on that Saturday afternoon, it was a race against the clock. The movers were coming on Monday morning and I had not separated anything. So for the next day I had my work cut out to say the least. The movers arrived Monday morning and packed up everything, loaded it, and off it went to our new home in another state for the next two years.

In between all this, we was able to celebrate Jay turning 11yrs old. We took her to "American Girl Doll Store" next to the Galleria. I am so glad she has not out grown playing with dolls yet. Anyway, afterwards Mike, Jay, my niece Carina and I went shopping and to eat. Jay had a blast celebrating her big day, and so did we.

Our one week in Dallas came to a close. We decided to leave the kids for a few weeks in order to let them visit friends and family, and also so that we could get things in order in VA.

Once we made it to VA we went to check on our apartment. It want be ready until July 25th. Because of this we are now in Fort Washington, Maryland for the next few weeks with my husband family. I honestly must say I am having a ball! You could not ask for better family...they are truly kind, loving, and just straight out funny. While down here my husband and I decided to have a little vacation and go site seeing. Enjoy....
Michael at the Metro waiting to ride the subway.

I hated the subway....very creepy being under ground.

This was the first thing we saw when we came from under ground...WOW..

As any tourist would do....say cheeeeeeesse..

Had to get a photo with Mr. Lincoln.....
Dr.M.L.K. one word.....beautiful...

This is just a few pictures for now....way more to come soon...BYE

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